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CHEN Yifeng


CHEN Yifeng:

Associate Professor

E-mail: yifeng.chen@pku.edu.cn


2000-2004 LLB, Nanjing Normal University School of Law

2004-2006 LL.M., Peking University Law School

2006-2010 Juris Doctor, Peking University Law School

Professional Experience:

2007-2009 Visiting scholar, Max Planck Institute for Public law and International Law research in Germany

2010-2011 Visiting scholar, Eric Castren International Law and Human Rights Institute of University of Helsinki in Finland

2011-2013 Postdoc researcher, University of Helsinki Law School in Finland

2013-2013 Visiting Scholar, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law of Cambridge University

2013-2016 Lecturer, Peking University Law School

2014-Now Docent in International Law, University of Helsinki in Finland

2016-Now Associate Professor, Peking University Law School

Research Interests:

The History and Theory of International Law

The Law of International Organizations

The Responsibility of the State

International Labor Law

Chinese Practice in International Law


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