About Center For Maritime Strategy Studies

Established on June 25, 2014, the Center for Maritime Strategy Studies is a new think tank of Peking University Institute of Ocean Research. Focusing on delivering in-depth research, analysis and breakthroughin sights for China's maritime strategies and policies, it is committed to mobilizing extensive participation of faculties from schools and departments of humanities and social sciences to promote the development of inter-disciplinary research in Peking University.

From both academic and political perspectives, the Center seeks to study the critical issues in maritime field, such as the maritime strategy and policy, the South China Sea, the Sino-US relations and etc. 

From June 2014 to December 2017, LI Ming, Professor of Law School, chaired as Director. BAO Maohong, Professor of Department of History, served as Deputy Director. 

Since 2018, maritime strategist HU Bo has served as Director.

The Center consists of four research teams.

Policy and Law Team:

It mainly studies the noticeable issues of the maritime politics and law practice in China and the world, stressing timeliness. The team is led by LI Ming, and members include YI Ping, HU Bo and CHEN Yifeng, et al.

Strategic Planning Team:

It mainly focuses on the national maritime programme, the Maritime Silk Road, the enactment of the basic law of the sea, the local marine legislation and other issues, doing relatively medium and long-term planning and design. The team members include LI Hongyun, et al.

Economic Development Team:

It mainly studies on the planning of marine economy, marine engineering, marine industries and other issues. The team is led by SHEN Tiyan, and members include GUO Yu, LEI Ming, WANG Ping, et al.

Integrated Information Team:

It provides information support for each group of the center. It is responsible for the information collation and publication of the Center. It is engaged in the collection, processing, integration, mining and display of marine data. The team is led by WANG Jimin, and members include WANG Yanfei, XU Yang, et al.